• HiTECHSB-9475SH Multi-Purpose Brushless Steel Gear Digital Servo (High Voltage)
  • HiTECHSB-9475SH Multi-Purpose Brushless Steel Gear Digital Servo (High Voltage)

HiTECHSB-9475SH Multi-Purpose Brushless Steel Gear Digital Servo (High Voltage)

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This is the Hitec HSB-9475SH Multi-Purpose Brushless Steel Gear Digital High Voltage Servo, with a "PAD," Power Absorbing Device for Hitec Brushless Servos.

Pro level hobbyists demand the power and precision found in Hitec triple threat HSB-94XX servos. Each one is designed with Hitec durable steel gears and impressive Neu brushless motors with the HSB-9475SH delivering multipurpose performance.

Programmable 12 Bit Digital Circuit
Using the DPC-10 PC interface (PN 44426) and downloadable software, users can program a variety of features in the HSB-9XXX Series including: Fail Safe On/Off and Position, direction, EPA, Speed (Slower), dead Band, and Soft Start.

Power Efficient Brushless Motor Controller
Energy efficiency is a common interest for all modelers. Our HSB-9XXX Series uses the latest control circuit technology including a regenerative braking circuit which puts power back into the battery as the motor slows. This feature, combined with ultralow current draw under sustained loads, allows our brushless servos to consume 1/5 the power of most other brushless servos on the market today.

Custom NeuMotor
Designed by Steve Neu exclusively for our HSB-9XXX Series, these high performance, brushless motors provide longstanding durability and performance.

Constant Torque Output
Thanks to our revolutionary circuit and motor designs, the HSB-9XXX Series maintain their speed in a more consistent manner, regardless of load.

Hybrid MPD 1st Gear
Our unique ultra-durable Metal/Plastic/duralumin hybrid first gear prevents inadvertent electrical noise from affecting other components within your aircraft or vehicle.

Industry-Leading Titanium Gear Train
Hitec was the first manufacturer to utilize low wear Titanium gears in our servos and continues to be the leader in Titanium gear technology.

25-Tooth Standard Spline
Our Brushless servos utilize a standard 25 tooth output spline for maximum compatibility with the large variety of aftermarket horn available on the market these days.


  • Torque: 
    • @6.0V: 269 oz-in. (19.4 kg-cm)
    • @7.4V: 269oz-in. (19.4 kg-cm)
  • Speed:
    • @6.0V: 0.13sec/60°
    • @7.4V: 0.10sec/60°
  • Weight: 62g
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Gear: Steel
  • Output Shaft: 25T Spline
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 40x20x37mm
  • Applications: Large Planes, 1/8 Scale Buggy & Truggy 

Product Notice Regarding Hitec Brushless Servos with Certain RC Devices: While compatible with most radio control devices, the regenerative braking feature of the HSB-9XXX series servos may cause a problem if the device cannot accept a backflow of current. The types of devices that cannot accept this backflow are: Voltage Regulators, Power Safe Receivers and certain BEC circuits whether stand alone or integrated within an Electronic Speed Control. Check with the manufacturer or the Hitec website for a list of compatible models. If your device cannot accept a current backflow, then you must install a PAD (Power Absorbing Device - Hitec HRC55756). A PAD is included with every Hitec brushless servo.

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