• PGYTECH Filter for Osmo Pocket (Professional) SNORKEL
  • PGYTECH Filter for Osmo Pocket (Professional) SNORKEL

PGYTECH Filter for Osmo Pocket (Professional) SNORKEL

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The OSMO Pocket multi-layer vacuum coating Schott glass Pro filter series can effectively enhance the flexibility of the camera in different lighting environments; meeting diverse needs in several scenarios. The red anodized pro filters align perfectly with the camera and in the elegant box due to the magnets in their aviation aluminum frame.

Control all situations with the OSMO Pocket. Be a pro

SCHOTT optical Glass
The filter uses German SCHOTT glass as it's base material, utilizing multiple grinding and polishing processes.

Absorption Of More Light
Double-sided anti-reflection coating. it is deposited on the surface of the optical components by ion-assisted evaporation to reduce surface reflection and increase the optical transmittance.

Double-sided and Multilayer Coating
A nanometer-scale, double-sided, multilayer vacuum coating process ensures anti-scratch protection and is first-class waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof.

Guarantee Of Camera's Waterproof Performance
The inside of the filter frame adapts to the threaded pattern that matches the camera's original design to ensure the camera's waterproof performance after the replacement.

German SCHOTT Optical Glass
In order to meet the rigorous requirements of professional photographers, PGYTECH OSMO POCKET Filter glass is made from the finest Schott (German) glass.

Extremely Light CNC Aviation Aluminum Frame
The filter doesn't affect camera performance, High quality Color coating, easy installation, Conforms to EU ROHS environment standards of limit to harmful substances.

Optical Glass Neutral Density Coating Reduces Color Deviation
Uses German SCHOTT glass as its base material. Multiple grinding and polishing processes and IAD multi-layer coating technology to ensure the highest requirements of the high-definition image quality.

Diving Filter
Diving Filter for the OSMO POCKET (Professional) helps photographers effectively absorb more red light into the lens when shooting underwater, increasing color density and improving the expressiveness of the photo. The filter uses German SCHOIT glass as its base material utilizing multiple grinding and polishing processes.

A nanometer-scale, double-sided, multi-layer vacuum coating process ensures first-class waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof, and anti-scratch protection. Made of aeronautic aluminum, the frame features a premium feel to the touch. Magnetic material in the frame makes it speedy to attach and detach. The exquisitely crafted filter box additionally improves the user experience.

PGYTECH Diving Filter Set Features

  • SCHOTT optical Glass
  • Anti-scratch, Waterproof, Oil-proof, Dust-proof
  • Double-sided and Multilayer Coating
  • Aeronautic Multilayer Coating