• DJI Osmo Mobile 4
  • DJI Osmo Mobile 4

DJI Osmo Mobile 4

  • 43.000 KD



Create Magnetic Moments


Life’s extraordinary moments deserve to be captured with smooth video. DJI OSMO MOBILE 4 is foldable stabilizer designed to complement your smartphone, allowing you to start recording right away. Magnetic, ultra-compact, and bursting with easy-to-use features, OM 4 is the ultimate solution for sharing your world.


Magnetic Design

Portable and Foldable

Story Mode

Gesture Control

Active Track 3.0

Quick Roll


  DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Stabilizer Offers Convenient Magnetic Smartphone ...

Magnetic Quick-Release Design


Feel the Pull


The magnetic phone clamp and magnetic ring holder enable effortless capture whenever inspiration strikes. Attach your smartphone to DJI OM 4 instantly, perfect for filming on the go.


Magnetic Phone Clamp:


The magnetic phone clamp is incredibly thin and ultra-light, keeping your smartphone secure while in use.


Magnetic Ring Holder:


Use the magnetic ring holder to snap your smartphone onto OM 4, hold your phone safely, or use it as a kickstand. [1]


Intelligent Shooting Modes

2. Filming Made Easy


Your eye-catching videos will be the center of attention, thanks to the creative features of DJI OM 4. Try Dynamic Zoom, a function that warps your footage for extra cinematic flair.


Active Track 3.0


Active Track 3.0 makes following subjects a walk in the park. This version recognizes adults, children, and pets with higher accuracy, and you can even fine-tune your image composition with the joystick.


Story Mode


Unsure about how to film or edit? Try out Story mode’s one-tap creative templates to stay in the moment while capturing fascinating footage.


Intelligent Features


Reimagine What is Possible

DJI OM 4 is packed with one-of-a-kind features that ensure truly magnetic content.    


 Dynamic Zoom


Try out the mind-boggling “Hitchcock effect,” a creative zoom shot that delivers a Hollywood feel with minimal effort. Advanced algorithms know what to do, so all you have to do is tap and walk. [2]


Clone Me Pano


Ever want to be in multiple places at the same time? Here’s your chance. The Clone Me feature creates one epic panorama from several photos, pausing so you can get to the next frame and strike a pose.


 Gesture Control


Whether you’re taking a selfie or a group photo, hands-free is the way to go. Remotely control OSMO MOBILE 4 with just a gesture. Snapping a pic or starting a video has never been this convenient.


Time for Time lapse


Make Every Second Count

Speed up the movement of fluffy white clouds drifting across the open sky or condense a memorable road trip into a few seconds. Impress your friends with captivating, compact videos.


Time lapse: Pack a beautiful sunset into a short video clip, perfect for sharing.

Time lapse: Pack a beautiful sunset into a short video clip, perfect for sharing.

Hyper lapse: Condense time and movement while hiking a gorgeous route for a mesmerizing result.


Creative Possibilities


But Wait, There’s More


Take advantage of a whole host of creative modes to add more pizazz to your shots.


Spin Shot Mode

Rotate your smartphone for an impressive shooting effect.


 Slow Motion

Slow things down to catch moments you might have missed. [3]


240° Pano

Use gestures or a countdown to capture a panorama with details that pop.


3×3 Pano

Nine photos are automatically combined into a super wide-angle shot.


DJI Mimo App


The DJI Mimo app features a video editor that allows you to compose masterpieces on the fly. Built-in tutorials provide guidance so you can focus on creating.


 3-Axis Stabilization


3. Don’t Settle for Shaky Footage


At its core, DJI OSMO MOBILE 4 was designed to provide unbelievably smooth footage along with countless creative shooting options.


 Super Stable

Never post a shaky video again. Even with an external lens added, DJI OSMO MOBILE 4’s powerful motor keeps your smartphone steady and your video smooth. [4]


Convenient Compatibility


OSMO MOBILE 4 directly controls the shutter of most smartphone cameras and has also been specially optimized for certain brands.


 Enhanced Control


Designed for Efficiency

DJI OSMO MOBILE 4 simplifies every situation, creating the most streamlined shooting experience possible.


Flashlight Mode


A newly added sensor helps OSMO MOBILE 4 recognize your movements and automatically adjust positioning, making low-angle shots easier than ever.


Quick Roll

Press the M button twice to quickly switch between portrait and landscape mode for even more convenience.


Single-Handed Control


A comfortable, intuitive design makes holding OSMO MOBILE 4 with one hand while creating videos incredibly easy.


 Standby Mode

Need to take a call midway through filming? Simply remove OSMO MOBILE 4, and the device will enter Standby mode.

in the box :

osmo mobile 4

Storage Pouch

Power Cable

Grip Tripod

Magnetic Phone Clamp

Magnetic Ring Holder

Wrist Strap

DJI OM 4 Unboxing



  • Dimensions

  • Unfolded: 276×119.6×103.6 mm
    Folded: 163×99.5×46.5 mm
  • Weight

  • Gimbal: 390 g
    Magnetic Phone Clamp: 32.6 g
    Magnetic Ring Holder: 11.4 g
  • Compatible Phone Weight

  • 230 ± 60 g
  • Compatible Phone Thickness

  • 6.9-10 mm
  • Compatible Phone Width

  • 67-84 mm


  • Type

  • 18650 Li-ion
  • Capacity

  • 2450 mAh
  • Energy

  • 17.64 Wh
  • Voltage

  • 7.2 V
  • Charging Temperature

  • 5 to 40 °C (41 to 104 °F)
  • Operating Temperature

  • 0 to 40 °C (32 to 104 °F)
  • Operating Time

  • 15 hrs  
    * Under ideal conditions with the gimbal fully balanced.
  • Charging Time

  • 2.5 hrs
    * Measured with a 10W charger.
  • Gimbal Charging Port

  • USB-C
  • External Device Charging Port

  • USB-A
  • Universal Mount

  • 1/4" Threaded Hole


  • Consumption

  • 1.2 W
    * Under ideal conditions with the gimbal fully balanced.
  • Mechanical Range

  • Pan: -161.2° to 171.95°
    Roll: - 136.7° to 198°
    Tilt:-  106.54° to 235.5°
  • Max Control Speed

  • 120 °/s


  • Model

  • Bluetooth Low Energy  5.0


  • App

  • DJI Mimo
  • Tripod

  • Length: 138 mm
    Diameter: 32 mm
  • Tripod

  • Weight: 72 g

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