• Quen PVC FILM 28-1000
  • Quen PVC FILM 28-1000

Quen PVC FILM 28-1000

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Overview :

Quen Shoe Cover extra PVC film roll, giving up to 1000 shoe protection (500 pairs), transparent



Capacity Of Shoe Cover 1000pcs shoe cover


Thickness Of Shoe Cover 28 micron


Color transparent


Packging & Delivery


Min Order1 piece




Unique manufacturer

1.Large capacity, with 1000pcs shoe cover

2.Shoe cover is more economical

3.New technology



Product name : Shoe covers for medical use


Model No. : 28-1000


Working principle:


Use the principle that the thermo shrinkable film will shrink at proper temperature. Our shoe cover machine can automatically output and cut the PVC film and provide hot air, it only takes seconds to make the PVC film into shoe cover, and wraps it on the shoe.





1. Large capacity, one roll film can make 1000pcs (500 pairs) shoe cover


 2. Durable shoe cover, the thickness is 28μm, it is about three times of the traditional PE shoe       cover


3. Cost-effective


4. Environmental


 5. Comfortable to wear, can fit for different size of shoes


 Applicable Site for Shoe Cover Machine:


 Medical system: Clinics,  Laboratory, Hospital (operating room,CT room, X-ray room, B ultra room,ICU room,


VIP room, Blood center), etc 


 Enterprise: Food factory, Pharmaceutical factory, Electric factory, Chemical industry, Dustless room, etc


Public: High grade club, Hotel,  Museum, Top grade meeting room, Spa center, Fitness center, etc


Real Estate: Model house, High grade residence, etc


Education System: Kindergarten, School, Computer room, Research and teaching, etc.