• PGYTECH Mavic Mini Filter
  • PGYTECH Mavic Mini Filter

PGYTECH Mavic Mini Filter

  • 5.000 KD


The creative use of optical glass coating light reduction process completely overcomes the ills of image color cast by the light reduction mirror, only dimming and not color cast.

Schott Optical Glass

The lens utilizes SCHOTT Optical Glass, high-definition grinding treatment.

Light-reduction Coating

Light-reduction coating saves ND filter from discoloration. PGYTECH Mavic Mini UV Filter (Professional)is made to reduce the blue tint caused by UV rays and effectively protects the camera lens.

Quick Installation, Small and Light

The filter weighs only 1.3g and features a quick-fit configuration that does not affect the gimbal calibration, convenient and fast.

Double-Sided and Multilayer Coating

A nanometer-scale, double-sided, multi-layer coating process ensures a first-class waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof, and anti-scratch protector.

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