• PHANTOM 4 PRO ND1000(4K Series)
  • PHANTOM 4 PRO ND1000(4K Series)

PHANTOM 4 PRO ND1000(4K Series)

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The Phantom 4 Pro ND1000 filter from Freewell is designed to give high-quality images and footage while filming outdoors to capture stunning long exposures of things running with speed such as waterfalls. The ND1000 filter helps to stabilize the footage and accentuate color and contrast outdoors. This advanced lens filter is coated on both sides to give a smooth and crystal-clear image even when shooting while the camera is facing the sun.

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This filter is designed to offer clear footage while filming fast-moving objects or filming while on the move. This filter effectively cuts light by 10 f-stops to reduce the shutter speed drastically. Apart from helping you get smooth and natural-looking footage, this filter is also helpful in preventing lens flare when shooting against the sun. It efficiently helps to get perfect tones and colors when filming outdoors.

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