• FMS 1400mm Votec322
  • FMS 1400mm Votec322

FMS 1400mm Votec322

  • 105.000 KD

Key Features

  • Screw-together construction—no glue required
  • Hollow-core wing construction provides a lightweight structure
  • Two-piece, plug-in wings and stabilizers
  • Carbon-fiber wing and stabilizer joiner tubes
  • Double-bevel hinge lines and large control surfaces provide 3D throw
  • Powerful brushless 4258, 550Kv outrunner motor
  • High-voltage, Predator 70A brushless ESC
  • Strong, high-efficiency wooden propeller
  • Durable 30-gram digital servos with metal gears
  • Ball-style control horns and linkages for greater precision
  • Side-Force-Generators dramatically improve yaw authority
  • Vivid Hamilton trim scheme
  • Large wheels for operation from grass or paved runways
  • Convenient push-button hatch release
  • Detailed cockpit and pilot figure
FMS Votec 322 PNP RC Airplane
Approximate Assembly Time:Less than 1 Hour
Completion Level:Plug-N-Play
Flying Weight:5.73 lb (2.600 kg)
Landing Gear:Yes
Length:58.67 in (1490mm)
Minimum Required Radio:4+ Channel
Minimum Speed Control:70A (Included)
Motor Size:Brushless 4258, 500Kv
Propeller Size:15 x 7
Recommended Motor Battery:3200mAh 6S LiPo (Sold Separately)
Servos:4 x 30g Metal Gear, Digital (Included)
Wingspan:55.12 in (1400mm)

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