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The Mohawk was created in the late 1950s as a result of a joint program of the US Air Force and Navy to develop an inconspicuous aircraft operating at low altitudes above the battlefield and usable for armed optical and electronic reconnaissance and target marking for fighter bombers. He served reliably in Vietnam and was still involved in Operation Desert Storm in the liberation of Kuwait. One OV-1 even shot down a Vietnamese MiG-17 over Laos.


Semi-scale model of an American reconnaissance aircraft powered by two AXI 2814 / xx class AC motors. The fuselage of the model is a classic all-balsa construction with a dimensional "bubble" of the cabin cover; the upper part of the fuselage is removable for easy access to the propulsion batteries and on-board electronics. The two-part wing with a semi-symmetrical profile (the halves slide from the side onto the duralumin pipe coupling) is also a classic design with a torsion box. The ailerons and flaps are controlled by 2 independent servos. Motor nacelles are laminate. The tail surfaces are classic all-balsa. The whole model is covered with polyester iron-on foil. The chassis is a three-wheeled bow with wire legs.


The kit includes: iron-on foil-covered fuselage, wing and tail surfaces, sprayed laminate engine nacelles, a complete set of small accessories, wire chassis, wheels, propeller cones and detailed pictorial instructions.

Span [mm]1450
Length [mm]1200
Weight [g]2300
Wing area [dm 2 ]30
Controlled functionsS, V, K (2), M (2), F (2)
Construction complexityS2, S3
Difficulty of pilotingP3

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

Engine2x RAY C3536 / 082x AXI 2814/12
Regulator2x RAY 40A2x JES Advance 40Plus
BatteryRAY 3300 mAh 11.1 VPolyQuest 5000XQ2 11.1 V
Propeller2x APC 9x4,5E2x APC 9x4,5E
Serve4x HS-65HB, 1xHS-81 (V)4x HS-65HB, 1xHS-81 (V)
RC kitmin. 6 channels

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