• Saito FG-33R3 Gasoline Engine
  • Saito FG-33R3 Gasoline Engine

Saito FG-33R3 Gasoline Engine

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Bore: 27.0mm
Crankshaft Threads: 8 x 1.25mm
Cylinder Type: Ringed AAC
Cylinders: Radial,3
Displacement: 32.98 cc
Engine (Only) Weight: 1440 g
Ignition Weight: 200 g
Muffler Threads: 12mm
Muffler Type: Felixible tubes
Oil Type & Content: High-quality synthetic, 20:1 mix
Plug Type: SP-1 1/4-32 Spark Plug
RPM Range: 1,700-9,500 rpm
Recommended Fuel: 87+ octane gasoline
Stroke: 19.2mm
Total Weight: 1730 g

Before starting the engine, inject a suitable amount of engine oil into the lubrication nipple on the crankcase using a syringe or pump while turning the propeller by hand and the valves clearance should be checked !!!

Oil: Stihl HP Ultra oil at a mix ratio of 15:1 - 20:1 (15:1 ratio required for break-in)

Tappet adjustment :
The valve clearance should be checked and adjusted after every after 1 hours while the engine is cold. 

We tested the ignition of this engine and concluded that it is best to use max 7.4 volts ! this will allow you to keep the ignition in working condition for many years .

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