• Synco Shotgun Mic (Broadcast Level)
  • Synco Shotgun Mic (Broadcast Level)

Synco Shotgun Mic (Broadcast Level)

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Natural Sound Rendering To achieve better off-axis noise suppression and frequency response, SYNCO Mic-D30 shotgun microphone employs a unique interference tube, combined with the acoustic design of slanting air vents. It optimizes the voice in intermediate frequency and enriches the audio details in low frequency, delivering clean, crisp, and natural sound.


Super High Sensitivity Mic-D30 video shotgun mic provides a step-less analog gain dial, adjustable from -10dB to 15dB in the linear. You can subtly regulate the exact amount of gain increase or decrease as requested. Together with -24dB±2dB high sensitivity, Mic-D30 could capture very small acoustic waves to output clear, accurate sound.


Real-time Audio Monitoring System A 3.5mm TRS headphone monitoring jack is used to real-time hear what you would get in the soundtrack ultimately. SYNCO shotgun mic is paired with those headphones under 55 Ohm impedance to monitor the audio for energy saving. You can continuously monitor for 5-8 hours.


75Hz/150Hz Low Cut Filter With ultra-low-noise electronics, the Mic-D30 on-camera mic generates little inherent noise. 75Hz/150Hz optional low cut filter further purifies the sound, removing most of the low-frequency noise caused by airflow, shake, electrical current, or traffic. You can choose 75Hz or 150Hz low cut on the basis of the environment and user demand.


Aluminium Alloy Material & Wide ApplicationMade of aluminum alloy, Mic-D30 is capable of anti-interference. With a universal Type-C output and Type-C to 3.5mm TRS/TRRS cables, it works with DSLR, mirrorless camera, camcorder, smartphone, recorder, laptop, tablet, bodypack transmitter, suitable for film, TV and documentary recording.


Dual Sound Tracks Protection Embedded overdrive protection system protects the sound recording from distortion when it reaches the maximum sound pressure level of 124 dB SPL. The safety channel ensures your audio won't be broken or lost at the peak of SPL by 20dB attenuation.



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SYNCO Mic-D30 Microphone *1

Type-C to 3.5mm TRRS Phone Cable *1

Type-C to 3.5mm TRS Camera Cable *1

Type-C to USB Charging Cable *1

Shock Mount *1

Furry Windscreen *1

Packing Box *1

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Transducer: Back Electret Condenser

Polar Pattern: Super-Cardioid

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 KHz

Dynamic Range (Typical): 119dB SPL (A-weight per IEC651)

Signal/Noise: 82dB1KHz at 1Pa(A-weight per IEC651)

Sensitivity: -24dB±2dB 1dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz

Maximum SPL: 124 dB SPL

Output Impedance: 300Ω±20%at 1kHz

Low-Frequency Roll-off: 75Hz/150Hz

Output Interface: Type-C to 3.5mm

Dimensions: Φ21.5×214.5mm

Net Weight: 85g