• Sirui M1 Gimbal for Smart Phone
  • Sirui M1 Gimbal for Smart Phone

Sirui M1 Gimbal for Smart Phone

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Sirui Swift M1 Gimbal for Smartphone

Easy Balance Adjustment with a Great Load Capacity

Turn the Balance Adjustment Knob to balance the clamped mobile phone in the portrait or landscape position.

Supports a load capacity up to 300g/0.66lbs to easily shoot with the SIRUI Anamorphic Lens or any of the other family of SIRUI Mobile Lens.


Four Modes Switch

Master every movement to create your own Cinematic art with a quick switch to one of four modes:


Tilting-Following Locked

Tilting Following

Triaxial Following Locked

POV (Roll Follow Mode)

OLED User Interface

Options in use are in clear view on the OLED UI for full mode/motion switching and instant app control


Auxiliary Wheel Dial

Press down the wheel dial to select one of the 4 motion settings. Turn the dial to smoothly control zooming, focusing, panning and tilting.


Intelligent IS System

The IS system provides smooth stabilization to capture high quality images as you move.


Active Track

Set for automatic facial tracking with the AI Algorithms or frame the object manually and position the subject in the center of the frame to actively shoot real-time.


Instant Scene Transition

The powerful motor drives the Gimbal to instantly proceed to move onto the next scene for a smooth transition.


Create Cinematic Shots with the Hitchcock Mode

Move the Gimbal back and forth as you zoom in/out while shooting a stationary object to create a striking dynamic vision for a cinematic vertigo effect.


Spin to change your view in POV Mode

Seeing is believing as you spin to turn your world upside down with the optical illusion and cinematic scene interlacing effect.


Go beyond the lens to see the world around you

Pan the Gimbal 90°/180°/360° to capture a 3×3 ultra-wide-angle panoramic shot in just one click.


Path Lapse Mode

Vary scenes in streams of light and shadows.


Instant App Control via Bluetooth Connection

The Gimbal will automatically connect with the mobile Bluetooth when powering up. Press the App Control button to access more features on the App for shooting in different settings.


Function Keys for Quick Axial Setup

Press and hold down the corresponding function key to activate “Panning Following”, “Tilting Following” or “Triaxial Follow Locked” Modes.


Portable and Comfortable Fit

Comfortably capture stabilized handheld footage. Lightweight and portable, the Gimbal folds easily to a compact fit.

Or support the Gimbal with the mini tripod for extensive shoots.




ProductGimbal for Mobile Phones
ModelSirui Swift M1
Folded Size218x115x63mm/8.6×4.5×2.5inches
Charging Voltage/ Current5V/2A (Battery Charge Time: Approx.1.5 to 2H)
Battery Capacity2500mAh
Static Battery Life to Battery Runtime6 Hours
Operating Temperature-10°C to 45°C / 14°F to 113° F
Max Load Capacity300g/ 0.66lbs
Tilting Range330°
Rolling Range160°
Panning Range330°