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About PGYTECH Vlog Set

Osmo Pocket / Pocket 2 Vlog Set
Vlog as a professional with or without holding your camera

• Ultimate protection
• Wide compatibility
• High level of control
• Customized storage

- Action Camera Extension Pole Tripod Mini -

Use It as a Tripod or Selfie Stick
Quick transition between extension pole and tripod stand.

3-Prong Mount Interface
This mini tripod connects to your action camera via an integrated 3-prong mount. Its also compatible with other accessories.

3-Prong to 1/4"-20 Adapter
Extend if you want to connect to more equipment.

Comfortable, Nonslip Grip
It's made from soft rubber and contains nonslip handgrip pads.

The legs snap together
It's easy to switch between a tripod and handgrip with these magnetic legs that snap together.

Compact and portable
Designed for portability, the tripod weighs only 105 grams and extends from 5.7" to 15.7".

- Osmo Pocket Phone Stand Plus -

Securely stand for your phone and OSMO Pocket
It's a perfect stand for your phone and OSMO Pocket / Pocket 2. You can use your phone alongside your OSMO Pocket as a monitor screen for easy control. It also avoids damaging the data plug.

Shoot as a professional and keep your options open
It's provided with a cold shoe mount and I '4" threaded hole for mounting lights, mics, tripods or other accessories to satisfy every creative need.

Aluminum material and foldable design
It' s made from aluminum alloy and securely holds your gimbal in place. The foldable design is compact enough to even be able to carry it inside a small pocket.

- Osmo Pocket / Pocket 2 UV Filter (Professional) -

Protect your lens from harmful light
The UV filter has a hardened double-sided coating to protect your lens against harmful UV light.

Ultra-light yet robust, without affecting gimbal calibration
The aluminum CNC aviation frame makes the filter extremely light, yet very robust. It's carefully engineered to not affect your gimbal calibration.

High-definition images
The filter uses German SCHOTT glass as its base material, which has been ground and polished multiple times to create a low refractive index for color accurate photo capture.

Water, oil and scratch resistant
The filter's double-sided, multi-layered coating repels water and oil, which makes it easy to keep clean. The filter's hard coating also makes it scratch resistant.

- Osmo Pocket Mount Adapters -

Fit more equipment with the OSMO Pocket / Pocket 2 mount

Osmo Pocket Data Port To Universal Mount
The adapter lets you attach the Osmo Pocket / Pocket 2 to a wide range of 3-prong mount supports such as a selfie stick, tripod, strap holder, and other equipment to adapt to more occasions.

Osmo Pocket Data Port to Cold Shoe & Universal Mount
The Osmo Pocket Data Port to Cold Shoe & Universal Mount from PGYTECH allows you to attach the OSMO Pocket / Pocket 2 directly to various 3-prong mount supports such as selfie sticks, tripods and strap holders. It also provides a shoe mount for attaching lights, mics or other accessories to the gimbal. Two mounts to widen the scope of what your gimbal can do.

Quick-release clip
Quickly lock and unlock the OSMO POCKET / POCKET 2 when shooting different views and scenarios with the specifically designated clip.

Sturdy and Securely
The injection molded PC and ABS material of the quick-release clip make it sturdy and very secure.

- Carrying case -

Stylish and protective hard-shell design
Three layers of EVA, shockproof and protective; High quality nylon; Sealed watertight zipper

Customized and organized storage
The carrying case holds the action camera plus accessories such as a mini tripod, various mounts, memory card readers, short cables and more. Folding dividers are included for customizing the storage space as needed. The shell has a secure inside pocket and an accessories leaflet organizer with additional pockets and straps.

Portable and light, stay on the move

PGYTECH Vlog Set Features

  • Customized and organized storage with ultimate protection
  • Quick transition between extension pole and tripod stand

PGYTECH Vlog Set Specifications

Extension Pole Tripod MiniJump to...

ABS Plastic, Aluminum Alloy
Load Capacity
3.7 lbs (1.7kg)
Mounting Stud
Battery Info
No battery used
Battery Material
Battery Quantity
Battery Type
5.3 x 1.1 x 1.1" (13.4 x 2.8 x 2.8cm)
2.2 oz (62.4g)

Osmo Pocket Mount AdaptersJump to...

Polycarbonate and ABS
Mount Types
1/4"-20 Female, 3-Prong Mount
1.2 x 1.1 x 1" (3.1 x 2.8 x 2.7cm)
0.5 oz (13.6g)

Osmo Pocket Phone Stand PlusJump to...

Aluminum Construction, Anti-Slip Padding
Smartphone Compatibility
Up to 3.5" (90cm) (Wide)
Mount Types
1/4"-20 Female, Shoe Mount
3 x 2.5 x 0.9" (77 x 65 x 22mm)
3.6 oz (103g)

UV FilterJump to...

Filter Type
Optical Glass
Yes, Schott
Snap-On Magnet

Data Port to Universal MountJump to...

Polycarbonate and ABS
Mount Types
Osmo Data Port, 2-Prong Mount, Shoe Mount
1.6 x 1.2 x 1" (4 x 3 x 2.6cm)
0.18 oz (5.2g)

Carrying CaseJump to...

EVA, Nylon
9.4 x 6.3 x 3" (240 x 160 x 75mm)

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